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BSGO-COM started in 2012 as a small community project. Since then, this project has grown well and has been able to do a lot for the BSGO community. Such as the global app, TS3 server and more.

Now we go one step further - BSGO-COM will be called today: Gamewrap-BSGO. Gamewrap is a strong partner for crossmedia and publishing. At the beginning of April, the new Gamewrap website will go online and soon is coming a new smartphone App in more than one language.

About Gamewrap

After the project was launched in 2011, Gamewrap has undergone a huge transformation in recent years and is now available as a modern and independent magazine as an online platform and most recently in the form of the WrapMagazine.

A couple of data about Gamewrap:

  • 750 Online News
  • 900 Search engine-links
  • And over 1.700.000


Hello Pilots,

Now there is a new Discord server that will be more focused on Gamewrap and general game communication with and for you.

Soon we will have one or several game servers thereby often with you to gamble games together. And on this Discord server, we will distribute from time to time Steam Keys that we receive for the editor.

So join our new Discord server new Invitation link:

So be a part of Gamewrap. We would be happy.