Star Citizen makes 5 million USD / year loss

Star Citizen makes 5 million USD / year loss

CIG has listed her expenses and income from 2012 to 2017. The year 2018 is still missing in this report.

Once you've read through this blog post by CIG, you'll soon realize that CIG is currently losing about $ 5 million a year.
If you compare the current growth with the upcoming plans for the game, you will see that the money will very soon become very little. 

So far, CIG has to pick with hands and feet on the other hand defended private investors on board, because CGI therefore lose a part of her self-employment.
Recently, CIG sold 10% for $ 46 million to such private investors. And this value will surely increase if you want to keep the game alive.

Thus CIG but more and more lose their independence because now 2 seats goes to this new private investors.
In the game, this also has some players on hand noticed the many sales and new ships that one of the part CIG desperately trying to get at fresh money.

With these 10% shares sold (46 million) it should just be enough for the release version of Squadron 42.

However, there is a small ray of hope - now that private investors are involved, perhaps these endless and the permanent downgrading of features will finally come to an end